Primary History 80

The primary education journal of the Historical Association

Published: 26th October 2018

In this edition of Primary History

04 Editorial (Read article)

05 HA Primary News

08 Castles: distinguishing fact and fiction in the early years curriculum – Sue Temple (Read article)

12 Ordinary Roman life: using authentic artefacts to achieve meaning – Hugh Moore (Read article)

14 Good practice in primary history: celebrating outstanding history teaching through the Quality Mark scheme – Bev Forrest and Mel Jones (Read article)

20 To boldly go: exploring the explorers for primary history – Karin Doull (Read article)

28 Elizabethan times: Just banquets and fun? Developing a sense of period and chronology by exploring an aspect of the past since 1066 – Paul Bracey (Read article)

34 Strange goings-on: exploring the benefits of learning history through outdoor pedagogy – a case study for Year 5 – Richard Harris and Helen Bilton (Read article)

39 How can old advertisments be used in the primary classroom? – Tim Lomas (Read article)

42 Tracking pupil progress: What can the primary history co-ordinator do? – Tim Lomas (Read article)

44 Ideas for assemblies – Stuart Tiffany (Read article)

46 Women in parliament since 1918: 100 years of suffrage – Alf Wilkinson (Read article)

48 History in the news

50 One of my favourite history places – Helen Crawford (Read article)

52 The potty timeline: an effective way of using timelines – Alison Mansell (Read article)

Regular features

Primary History magazine runs a number of great regular features including Ideas for Assemblies, One of My Favourite History Places and our Primary Pull-out Posters. You can view all editions of these features here.

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