Teaching History 186: Removing Barriers

The HA's journal for secondary history teachers

Published: 5th April 2022

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03 HA Secondary News

04 HA Update

10 What did it mean to them? Creating a progression model for teaching historical perspectives in Key Stage 3 – Jacob Olivey (Read article)

18 It’s just reading, right? Exploring how Year 12 students approach sources  Jacqueline Vyrnwy-Pierce (Read article)

32 Cunning Plan... for teaching Samurai Japan in Key Stage 3 – Joseph Player (Read article)

36 ‘Weaving’ knowledge: in what ways can substantive knowledge manifest itself in the writing of Year 7 students? – Diane Relf (Read article)

52 Dialogue, engagement and generative interaction in the history classroom – Michael Bird (Read article)

60 What Have Historians Been Arguing About... Histories of education – and society? – Peter Mandler (Read article)

62 Historical learning using concept cartoons: engaging with pupils’ prior conceptions – Christoph Kühberger (Read article)

76 Move Me On: trainee places a huge emphasis on getting students’ knowledge secure, but provides little scope for them to use it in analysis or argument (Read article)

80 Mummy, Mummy...

Regular features

Teaching History includes a number of regular features for history teachers including What's the Wisdom on...?, What have historians been arguing about...?, Cunning Plan and Move Me On. You can access past editions of these here 

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