Teaching History 193: Mediating History

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Published: 9th January 2024

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03 Editorial (read article - open access)

04 HA Secondary News

04 HA Update

08 Laughing muppets, lost memories and lethal mutations: rescuing assessment from ‘knowledge-rich gone wrong’  Christine Counsell (Read article)

26 ‘If we’ve been getting their name wrong, how else have they been misrepresented?’: Year 7 challenge stereotypes about the Mexica – Niamh Jennings (Read article)

38 Triumphs Show: Lived experiences and past worlds: Year 8 imagine the First World War trenches – Erin Grady (Read article)

42 Are we underestimating the value of students’ imaginations? Maximising the power of storytelling in the history classroom – James Hopkins (Read article)

52 What Have Historians Been Arguing About... youth culture? – Marcus Collins (Read article)

57 Connecting past and present through the lens of enduring human issues: comparing International Women’s Day protests with Year 10 students Arthur Casey (Read article)

68 ‘We can say we’re part of it.’ Studying our own school’s archives to promote historical understanding in Year 7 – Helen Southwood (Read article)

80 Move Me On: Trainee is struggling with essential management issues, which means that his excellent teaching ideas tend to be dismissed (Read article)

84 Mummy, Mummy...

Regular features

Teaching History includes a number of regular features for history teachers including What have historians been arguing about...?, Cunning Plan and Move Me On. You can access past editions of these here.

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