Teaching History 145: Narrative


By HA, published 3rd January 2012


02 Editorial

03 HA Secondary News

04 Lynda Abbott and Richard S Grayson - Community engagement in local history: a report on the Hemel at War project

14 Paul Barrett - ‘My grandfather slammed the door in Winston Churchill's face!' using family history to provoke rigorous enquiry

22 Debates: Narrative in school history Peter Mandler, Seán Lang and Ted Vallance

32 Robin Kemp: Thematic or sequential analysis in causal explanations? Investigating the kinds of historical understanding that Year 8 and Year 10 demonstrate in their efforts to construct narratives

44 Polychronicon - Alyson Brown

47 Frances Blow ‘Everything flows and nothing stays': how students make sense of the historical concepts of change, continuity and development

56 Peter Gray Bismarck in the Bush: Year 12 write Zambia's history for Zambian students

64 Move Me On

68 Mummy, mummy...

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