Teaching History 148: Chattering Classes

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By HA, published 17th September 2012

Chattering Classes

02 Editorial

03 HA Secondary News

04 HA update

08 Richard Kerridge and Sacha Cinnamond - Talking with the ‘enemy': firing enthusiasm for history through international conversation and collaboration (Read article)

16 Triumphs Show 1: Collaborating to commemorate Olaudah Equiano - Dan Lyndon and Donald Cumming (Read article)

18 Keeley Richards - Avoiding a din at dinner or, teaching students to argue for themselves: Year 13 plan a historians' dinner party (Read article)

28 Helen Snelson, Ruth Lingard and Kate Brennan - ‘The best way for students to remember history is to experience it!' Transforming historical understanding through scripted drama (Read article)

37 Triumphs Show 2: Using pupil dialogue to encourage engagement with sources - Tim Jenner and Paul Nightingale (Read article)

40 Jane Card - Talking pictures: exploiting the potential of visual sources to generate productive pupil talk (Read article)

48 Polychronicon: The Wars of the Roses - John Watts (Read article)

52 Kathryn Greenfield - ‘I feel it is imperative to state that...' developing pupil explanation through web debates (Read article)

60 Move Me On: using Bloom’s taxonomy (Read article)

64 Mummy, mummy...

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