Teaching History 150: Enduring Principles


By HA, published 22nd March 2013

Enduring Principles

02 Editorial

03 Letters

05 HA Secondary News

06 Mary Brown - From Muddleton Manor to Clarity Cathedral: improving Year 12's extended writing through an enhanced sense of the reader

14 John Stanier ‘Much to learn you still have!' An attempt to make Year 9 Masters of Learning

20 Triumphs show - Carmel Bones and Liz West

22 Hannah McDougall - Wrestling with Stephen and Matilda: planning challenging enquiries to engage Year 7 in medieval anarchy

28 Polychronicon - David Andress

30 Rosie Sheldrake and Neal Watkin - Teaching the iGeneration: what possibilities exist in and beyond the history classroom?

36 Triumphs show - Paula Worth

38 Katharine Burn, Catherine McCrory and Michael Fordham - Planning and teaching linear GCSE: inspiring interest, maximising memory and practising productively

44 Carla van Boxtel and Jannet van Drie - Historical reasoning in the classroom: What does it look like and how can we enhance it?

55 New, Novice or Nervous?

56 MOve Me On

60 Mummy, mummy...

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