Teaching History 165: Conceptualising breadth

The HA's journal for secondary history teachers

HA, last updated: 5th January 2017

In this edition of Teaching History

02 Editorial (Read article)

03 HA Secondary News

04 HA Update

08 ‘Victims of History’: challenging students’ perceptions of women in history - Bridget Lockyer and Abigail Tazzyman (Read article)

16 ‘It’s like Lord of the Rings, Sir. But real!’: Teaching, learning and sharing medieval history for all Chris Eldridge (Read article)

24 New, Novice or Nervous? Enabling progress: students who need more support (Read article)

26 Cunning Plan: Helping lower-attaining students to grasp historical interpretations - Sophie Sullivan (Read article)

28 Nurturing aspirations for Oxbridge: an exploration of the impact of university preparation classes on sixth-form historians – Lucy Helmsley (Read article)

37 Beyond tokenism: teaching a diverse history in the post-14 curriculum – Nick Dennis (Read article)

42 ‘Connecting Classrooms’: bringing together Bradford and Peshawar, primary and secondary schools, history and English – Dianne Excell (Read article)

52 Polychronicon: 1917 revolutions: 100 years on - Sarah Badcock (Read article)

56 Move Me On: Capturing student interest vs. sense of period (Read article)

60 Mummy, Mummy

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