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Teaching History article

By Chris Eldridge, published 4th January 2017

It’s like Lord of the Rings, Sir. But real!

Medieval history is on the rise. Among the many recent reforms in the history curriculum is a requirement for medieval themes at GCSE and across the country the new   linear A-level offers fresh opportunities for teachers to look beyond the traditional diet of Tudors and modern history. The huge divide between us and the medieval mind can  ake the study of the era daunting for teachers and  pupils alike, but in this article Chris Eldridge argues that it also provides immense opportunities for meaningful  historical thinking in a surprisingly accessible context. Sadly, at present, all  too often only a minority of the highest-attaining students have the opportunity to study medieval  history in any depth – there is really no need for this to be the case. He also explains how the unique historical environment of his school has served as inspiration for the Polydorian Project, an initiative  seeking to champion the cause of medieval history in schools and beyond...

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