Teaching History 167: Complicating Narratives

The HA's journal for secondary history teachers

Published: 20th June 2017

In this edition of Teaching History

02 Editorial (Read article)

03 HA Secondary News

04 HA Update: Partition of British India

08 ‘I feel if I say this in my essay it’s not going to be as strong’: multi-voicedness, ‘oral rehearsal’ and year 13 students’ written arguments – James Edward Carroll (Read article)

18 Why are you wearing a watch? Complicating the narrative of economic and social progress in Britain with Year 9 – Hannah Sibona (Read article)

28 Polychronicon: Complicating Nixon narratives – Tony McConnell (Read article)

30 From road map to thought map: helping students theorise the nature of change – Warren Valentine (Read article)

36 New, Novice or Nervous? Confidence with content (Read article)

38 Cunning Plan: Complicating industrial change – Elizabeth Carr (Read article)

41 Inverting the telescope: investigating sources from a different perspective – Rosalind Stirzaker (Read article)

50 Triumphs Show: Keeping the 1960s complicated – Rachel Coleman (Read article)

56 Move me on: Frames of reference (Read article)

60 Mummy, Mummy: 'Black armband' history

Regular features

Teaching History includes a number of regular features for history teachers including New, Novice or Nervous?, Polychronicon, Cunning Plan and Move Me On. You can access past editions of these here

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