Teaching History 170: Historians

The HA's journal for secondary history teachers

Last updated: 19th October 2018

In this edition of Teaching History

02 Editorial (Read article)

03 HA Secondary News

04 HA Update – make a ‘connecting with historical Scholarship’ resolution!

08 Myths and Monty Python: using the witch-hunts to introduce students to significance – Kerry Apps (Read article)

16 ‘This extract is no good, miss!’ Helping post-16 students to make judgements about an Historian’s construction of argument – Paula Worth (Read article)

22 Triumphs Show – Catherine Priggs and Eliza West (Read article)

26 Anything but brief: year 8 students encounter the longue durée – Suzanne Powell (Read article)

36 Polychronicon: The Becket Dispute – Helen Birkett (Read article)

38 Reading? What reading? Starting a sixth-form reading group – Carolyn Massey and Paul Wiggin (Read article)

47 New, novice or nervous? - Building students' historical argument (Read article)

50 Right up my street: the knowledge needed to plan a local history enquiry – Katharine Burn and Jason Todd (Read article)

64 Move Me On adapting to a second school (Read article)

68 Mummy, Mummy...

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