Teaching History 171: Knowledge


Last updated: 20th September 2018

02 Editorial

03 HA Secondary News

04 HA Update

08 Conducting the orchestra to allow our students to hear the Symphony: getting richness of knowledge without resorting to fact overload – Alex Ford and Richard Kennett

17 Triumphs show – Matthew Springett

20 ‘Through the looking glass’: exploring how pupils’ substantive knowledge informs the language and analysis of change and continuity - Danielle Donaldson

31 New, novice or nervous?

32 Trampolines and springboards: exploring the fragility of ‘source and own knowledge’ with year 10 – Jonathan Sellin

42 Seeing beyond the frame: practical strategies for connecting visual clues and contextual knowledge – Barbara Ormond

54 Polychronicon: Policing in Nazi Germany – Claire M. Hubbard-Hall

56 The particular and the general: defining security in year 8’s use of substantive concepts – Alexander Bridges

68 Move Me On

72 Mummy, Mummy...

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