Teaching History 172: Cause and consequence

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Published: 23rd September 2018

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02 Editorial (Read article)

03 HA Secondary News

04 HA Update

08 ‘Its ultimate pattern was greater than its parts’: using a patchwork quilt analogy at Key Stage 3 to support analytical thinking at GCSE – Ed Durbin (Read article)

16 Triumphs Show: the history classroom lending library – Tim Jenner and Jessica Angell (Read article)

18 Couching counterfactuals in knowledge when explaining the Salem witch trials with Year 13 – James Edward Carroll (Read article)

30 ‘Man, people in the past were indeed stupid’: Using a three-stage framework to promote historical contextualisation – Tim Huijgen and Paul Holthuis (Read article)

40 Dealing with the consequences: What do we want students to do with consequence in history? – Molly-Ann Navey (Read article)

50 Polychronicon: Health, illness and medicine in the Middle Ages – Catherine Rider (Read article)

52 The devil is the detail: are we teaching history the wrong way around? – Hugh Richards (Read article)

63 New, Novice Or Nervous? Curriculum planning (Read article)

64 From flight paths to spiders’ webs: developing a progression model for Key Stage 3 – Rachael Cook (Read article)

72 Move Me On: not just relying on the textbook for subject knowledge (Read article)

76 Mummy, Mummy...

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