The Historian 118

By HA, published 2nd August 2013

Medieval France, the Orient Express...

5 Editorial

6 Cathars and Castles in Medieval France by Richard Eales

12 Travel by Nicolas Kinloch

17 The President's Column

18 It's Murder On The Orient Express by Alf Wilkinson

22 Taking tea with Frau von Papen by Andrew Kirkby

24 Marcus Morris and Eagle: Approved reading for boys in the 1950s & 1960s by John Springhall

29 Before the smoke clears: The longest papal election in history was marred by a brutal murder by Darren Baker

32 HA Tours

34 My Favourite History Place: Fatehpur Sikri by Tom Holder

35 Gertrude Bell in ten tweets by Paula Kitching

36 News from 59a

37 Out and About in Swansea Castle by Colin Wheldon James

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