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5 Editorial

6 Battle of the Somme: the making of the 1916 propaganda film - Taylor Downing

12 MOOCs and the Middle Ages: England in the time of King Richard III - Deirdre O’Sullivan

18 Earth in vision: pathfinding in the BBC’s archive of environmental broadcasting - Joe Smith, Kim Hammond and George Revill

24 The HA Website: digital opportunities - S. Brown

27 The President’s Column

28 Stories, sources and new formats: the challenges of digitising large archive source collections - Ben Walsh and Andrew Payne

33 In the News: Queen Street Mill

34 My Favourite History Place: Tivoli Theatre - Charlie Lewis-North

35 The Brontë sisters in ten tweets - Paula Kitching

36 News from 59a

38 Out and About: Charles Darwin, a voyage of discovery - Dave Martin

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