History 369

The Journal of the Historical Association, Volume 106, Issue 369

Published: 10th February 2021


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  1. More on a Murder: The Deaths of the ‘Princes in the Tower’, and Historiographical Implications for the Regimes of Henry VII and Henry VIII (pp 4-25) – Tim Thornton (Open access)

  2. The Elizabethan Nobility: A Recount and a Reassessment of Elizabeth's Reasons for Creating Noblemen (pp 26-47) – Margaret Scard

  3. The First World War Seen from the Periphery: The Case of Spain and Portugal (1914–1916) (pp 48-64) – Ana Paula Pires

  4. Not Quite the True Believer: Henry (Harry) Gullett at the Paris Peace Conference (pp 65-85) – Martin Kerby

  5. Remaking the ‘Born’ Murderer: The Case of Moscow Serial Killer Vasili Komarov and Lombrosian Legacies in Early Soviet Criminological Discourse (pp 86-107) – Mark Vincent

  6. State of the Field: The History of Collecting (pp 108-119) – W. G. Burgess

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