History 381

The Journal of the Historical Association, Volume 108, Issue 381

Published: 3rd June 2023


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  1. New Explorations in Early Modern Intelligence-Gathering: Introduction (pp 190-201) – Dannielle Shaw, Matthew Woodcock (Free to Read)

  2. The Secretariat of Francis Walsingham, 1568–1590 (pp 202-223) – Hsuan-Ying Tu

  3. Robert Barret and the Making of an Early Modern Occasional Spy (pp 224-243) – Matthew Woodcock (Free to Read)

  4. Elizabethan Catholic Intelligencers, Spain and the Armada of 1597 (pp 244-261) – Jonathan Roche (Open Access)

  5. Thinker, Gaoler, Soldier, and Spy: Sir John Peyton (1544–1630) and Early Modern Intelligence-Brokering in the Tower of London (pp 262-281) – Dannielle Shaw (Free to Read)

  6. Confessional Intelligence: Early Modern Papal Diplomats and Information-Gathering Regarding England and Poland (pp 282-302) – Charles R. Keenan (Open Access)

  7. ‘They Hide from Me, Like the Devil from the Cross’: Transalpine Postal Routes as Intelligence Work, 1555–1645 (pp 303-327) – Rachel Midura (Open Access)

  8. Robert Harley as Secretary of State and his Intelligence Work: 1702–1708 (pp 328-352) – Alan Marshall (Open Access)

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