History 347

The Journal of the Historical Association

Published: 18th October 2016


1. The Earliest Norman Sheriffs (pages 485–494) by Richard Sharpe (Open Access)

2. Scottish Political Economy, Education and the Management of Poverty in Industrializing Britain: Patrick Colquhoun and the Westminster Free School Model (pages 495–512) by Paul Tonks

3. Depraved, Deprived, Dangerous and Deviant: Depicting the Insane Child in England's County Asylums, 1845–1907 (pages 513–535) by Steven J. Taylor

4. Weight of Shell Must Tell: A Lanchestrian Reappraisal of the Battle of Jutland (pages 536–563) by Niall Mackay, Christopher Pace and A Jamie Wood

5. Francesco Saverio (Father), Marcello Cesare Augusto (Son): Finding Useful Histories in Fascist Rome? (pages 564–582) by R. J. B. Bosworth

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