Move Me On 189: engendering students' curiosity

Teaching History feature

Published: 15th December 2022

Move Me On is designed to build critical, informed debate about the character of teacher training, teacher education and professional development. It is also designed to offer practical help to all involved in training new history teachers. Each issue presents a situation in initial teacher education/training with an emphasis upon a particular history-specific issue. 
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Trainee does not recognise the need to engender a sense of puzzle or curiosity in his students

Francis Champion has recently moved to his second school placement, bringing strong views with him about what constitutes good teaching and how lessons should be structured, based on the practices of his previous school. He has, for example, adopted their routine of beginning each lesson with retrieval practice intended to promote students’ retention of essential factual information. He then moves on to teach the key vocabulary needed to make sense of the new lesson content, giving the students clear definitions that he expects them to copy. He then introduces new substantive content, usually through teacher exposition or a whole-class reading, followed by written questions or completion of some kind of table...

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