The Hopi is different from the Pawnee: using a datafile to explore pattern and diversity


By Dave Martin, published 11th November 1998

Dave Martin identifies the factors which led to new knowledge and understanding in a mixed ability Year 7 class. Not only did these pupils acquire greater knowledge of the native peoples of North America, they also learned transferable techniques for identifying and analysing pattern and diversity. Clear learning objectives led to a sequence of activities that built up, cumulatively, the knowledge, skill and understanding necessary to undertake a sophisticated enquiry. When pupils communicated the results of that enquiry they were able to select and organise in an informed way. Dave Martin indicates the role of information technology in this process,  stressing that its positioning at the right stages within the overall enquiry was absolutely critical. The work was carried out by Vicky Church and Rachel Burley, teachers at Sandford Middle School in Dorset. Dave Martin concludes by paying tribute to the quality of their thinking.

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