Move Me On 95: Becoming frustrated with A level

The problem page for history mentors

By HA, published 10th May 1999

This Issue's Problem: Mary nightingale, PGCE Student, is becoming frustrated with her 'A' Level Teaching


Mary Nightingale is in the third term of her PGCE course. Although her work with classes at Key Stage 3 and 4 is very successful, she is becoming increasingly frustrated with her A level teaching. She has spent much of the Easter holiday reading up on the syllabus content and feels reasonably secure in terms of her knowledge base. She has also spent time analysing past A level papers and talking to the other staff who teach A level to identify the key issues that she should be addressing with the students. The lessons that she has taught have tended to involve a lot of teacher talk which is very well informed, well directed and focused.

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