My favourite monument: The Acropolis, Athens, Greece

Primary History feature

By Nichola Philpott, published 14th March 2023

About 3,200 years old, the Acropolis of Athens supports the most stunning and complete collection of ancient Greek structures that still exist. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1987, it remains a mostly intact classical collection that fascinates those who study and visit it. I have always been intrigued by these historical constructions and often imagined what a wondrous sight it must have been in its prime.

Acropolis in Greek translates as ‘acro’ (highest point) and ‘polis’ (city), the name given to the hill upon which the collection of buildings sits. The hill has an average height of 156 metres, and reaching the top requires a hike up steep and rocky steps – a trip definitely not for the fainthearted!...

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