Out and About: Tynemouth Priory

Historian feature

By Rachel Hammersley, published 26th April 2021

Tynemouth Priory

Approximately 10 miles east of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and just over 10 minutes walk from my home, the imposing ruins of Tynemouth Priory command sea, river, and land from the promontory between King Edward’s Bay and Prior’s Haven. While the Priory dates back to the eleventh century, the headland on which it sits, known as Pen Bal Crag, is a kind of palimpsest revealing glimpses of medieval splendour, the conflict and confusion of Civil War, late seventeenth- and eighteenth-century military defence, the harsh realities of World War, and the risks posed by the sea – even in times of peace. Its commanding position at the mouth of the River Tyne has given this small piece of land significance over many centuries – even though its use and value have changed over time...

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