Teaching History 183: Race

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Published: 15th July 2021

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02 Editorial (Read article for free)

03 HA Secondary News

04 HA Update: History For All a wider view Gabrielle Reddington (Read article)

08 Inventing race? Year 8 use early modern primary sources to investigate the complex origins of racial thinking in the past – Kerry Apps (Read article)

20 Putting black into the Union Jack: weaving Black history into the Year 7 to 9 curriculum – Hannah Cusworth (Read article)

27 What Have Historians Been Arguing About... the impact of the British Empire on Britain? – Liam Liburd (Read article)

32 The underdevelopment of Africa: broadening and deepening narratives of Benin for Year 8 – Josh Garry (Read article)

44 What’s The Wisdom On... extended reading? (Read article)

50 Decolonise, don’t diversify: enabling a paradigm shift in the Key Stage 3 history curriculum – Dan Lyndon-Cohen (Read article)

58 Cunning Plan… to teach a broader Britain, 1625–1714 – Helen Snelson (Read article)

62 Diversifying the curriculum: one department’s holistic approach – Theo Woods (Read article)

72 In pursuit of shared histories: uncovering Islamic history in the secondary classroom – Afia Chaudhry (Read article)

84 Move Me On: Trainee sees no reason to include Black or Asian British history in his lessons (Read article)

88 Mummy, Mummy...

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