Tourism: the birth and death of the little Welsh town?

Historian article

By Millie Punshon, published 25th August 2022

Millie Punshon is a sixth form student in North Wales and was one of this year's finalists in the HA's Great Debate public speaking competition. 

It is no unknown fact that the Victorian city-slickers adored the north coast of Wales, and without them towns such as Llandudno, Beaumaris, and Betws-y-Coed may not have persisted into the modern age. After all, what good is any tourist town without the Victorian and Georgian architecture that gives it the postcard-pretty finish? The question is, therefore, whether or not the giver of life that was the tourism of our top hat-toting forebears has come full circle and is, rather than creating longevity, now killing it off little by little?

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