Teaching History 190: Ascribing significance

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Published: 4th April 2023

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03 Editorial (Read article)

04 HA Secondary News

06 HA Update

08 Falling forward: three strategies to support pupils’ study of historical significance – Paula Worth (Read article)

22 Bringing historical method into the classroom: how the spectacle of teachers debating can help A-level students to understand the nature of interpretations – Peter Turner (Read article)

31 Should we choose it and how can we use it? Exploring the relationship between historical significance and historical interpretation – Jane Card (Read article)

44 Cunning Plan... for using art to make A-level history more accessible – Gemma Hargraves (Read article)

50 Angkor W(h)at? And why? Developing Key Stage 3 students’ ability to challenge their history curriculum through an early introduction of significance – Andrew Slater (Read article)

62 ‘Compressing and rendering’: using biography to teach big stories – Rachel Foster (Read article)

76 What Have Historians Been Arguing About... the consequences of the industrial revolution – Emma Griffin (Read article)

80 ‘It does duty for any amount of mayhem’: helping Year 8 to understand historians’ narrative decision-making – Jen Turner and Arthur Chapman (Read article)

92 Move Me On: trainee doesn’t see any need to take questions about historical significance beyond a focus on consequences (Read article)

96 Mummy, Mummy...

Regular features

Teaching History includes a number of regular features for history teachers including What have historians been arguing about...?, Cunning Plan and Move Me On. You can access past editions of these here

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