One of my favourite history places: The Holy Island of Lindisfarne

Primary History feature

By Damienne Clarke, published 7th November 2023

The Holy Island of Lindisfarne is a special place, not just for its stunning scenery and rich bird life, but also for its unique history and medieval religious heritage. This article visits a few of the many places of historical interest on the island and considers ideas for exploring different aspects of Lindisfarne’s history across the primary age range.

y love of Lindisfarne began when I was a student living in Durham in 1989. I don’t remember exact details of that first visit, but I do recall the excitement of crossing the causeway to Lindisfarne and the feeling of being at the mercy of both the tide and the weather (it rained… a lot… a lashing rain that with the wind behind it, hits you sideways like thousands of tiny arrows!). I also remember experiencing a genuine feeling of awe at the tangible sense of history of the island. That was the first of several visits and whilst I would like to say that the weather subsequently improved, I can’t hand on heart say it always did!...

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