Teaching History 131: Assessing Differently

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By HA, published 30th July 2008

Assessing Differently

02 Editorial

03 HA Secondary News

04 Speed cameras, dead ends, drivers and diversions: Year 9 use a ‘road map’ to problematise change and continuity – Rachel Foster (Read article)

09 The Holy Grail? GCSE History that actually enhances historical understanding! – Katie Hall (Read article)

17 ‘Create something interesting to show that you have learned something’: Building and assessing learner autonomy within the Key Stage 3 history classroom – Oliver Knight (Read article)

25 Holistic assessment through speaking and listening: an experiment with causal reasoning and evidential thinking in Year 8 – Giles Fullard and Kate Dacey (Read article)

30 Cooperative learning: the place of pupil involvement in a history textbook – Jacques Haenen and Hanneke Tuithof (Read article)

35 Two realms and an empire: history, geography and an investigation into landscape – Iain Annat and Katherine Bone (Read article)

42 Polychronicon: Leisure time Mike Huggins (Read article)

44 Would a centenarian recognise Norwich in the new millennium? Helping pupils with Special Educational Needs to develop a lifelong curiosity for the past – Joanne Philpott (Read article)

51 The new Key Stage 3 Curriculum: the bigger picture – Alf Wilkinson

52 Move Me On: Trainee’s mentor is struggling to know how to help him learn to plan independently (Read article)

56 Mummy, mummy…

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