Teaching History 132: Historians in the Classroom


By HA, published 5th December 2008

Historians in the Classroom

Laura Bellinger - Cultivating curiosity about complexity: what happens when Year 12 start to read Orlando Figes' The Whisperers

Alison Meikle - ‘Billy plays the drums but Lizzie cannot play.' Will music-making help them both anyway? Year 7 use musical language to think about King John

Cunning plan

Martin Loy - Learning to read, reading to learn: strategies to move students from ‘keen to learn' to ‘keen to read'


Stephan Klein - History, citizenship and Oliver Stone: classroom analysis of a key scene in Nixon

Richard Harris and Terry Haydn - Children's ideas about school history and why they matter

Oliver Knight - A hankering for the blank spaces: enabling the very able to explore the limits of GCSE history 

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