Cunning Plan 99: 'a world study after 1900'


By Geraint Brown, Stephen Bayes, Ben Jeffreys, published 10th May 2000

This unit could still become a trawl through two World Wars and then the Cold War (if you don't run out of time). So, when reviewing your planning why not take advantage of being at the turn of a century? Ask pupils what will the twentieth century be remembered for? This enquiry sequence is built around one really big, ‘BIG' question: The 20th Century: The Age of What? For each ‘age' there is an ordinary, medium-term ‘big' question. The scheme begins and ends with a focus on the giant, overarching question. The various ‘ages' can be studied in any order - perfect if you have several classes and few resources! (Not all the enquiries are outlined in detail here.)

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