Teaching History 133: Simulating History

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By HA, published 10th March 2009

Simulating History

02 Editorial

03 HA Secondary News

04 Stories and their sources: the need for historical thinking in an information age – Ben Walsh (Read article)

10 How to make historical simulations adaptable, engaging and manageable – Dan Moorhouse (Read article)

17 Nutshell

18 ‘If everyone’s got to vote then, obviously… everyone’s got to think’: using remote voting to involve everyone in classroom thinking at AS and A2 – Diana Laffin (Read article)

22 Triumphs show: Little Miss Cold War: Using Mr Men to help Year 13 understand conflicting interpretations  Matt Harwood (Read article)

24 Raising the bar: developing meaningful historical consciousness at Key Stage 3 – Rick Rogers (Read article)

31 What do you think? Using online forums to improve students’ historical knowledge and understanding – Dave Martin (Read article)

39 Making pupils want to explain: using Movie Maker to foster thoroughness and self-monitoring – Sally Burnham (Read article)

45 Challenging not balancing: developing Year 7’s grasp of historical argument through online discussion and a virtual book – Dominic Snape and Katy Allen (Read article)

52 Triumphs show: Getting more pupils choosing history at GCSE Simon Milward-Hopkins (Read article)

54 Polychronicon: Crusader States in the Levant – Jonathan Riley-Smith (Read article)

56 Move Me On: Trainee is alienating students by relying too much on teacher talk (Read article)

60 Mummy, mummy...

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