Teaching History 136: Shaping the Past

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By HA, published 4th December 2009

Shaping the Past

02 Editorial

03 HA Secondary News

04 When were Jews in medieval England most in danger? Exploring change and continuity with Year 7 – Ben Jarman (Read article)

13 Shaping macro-analysis from micro-history: developing a reflexive narrative of change in school history – Hywel Jones (Read article)

22 Triumphs show: How one history department changed pupils' and parents' perceptions of homework – Christine Bridge (Read article)

24 Potential and pitfalls in teaching ‘big pictures’ of the past – Jonathan Howson (Read article)

34 Building memory and meaning: supporting Year 8 in shaping their own big narratives – Sarah Gadd (Read article)

42 Polychronicon: The Beatles – Marcus Collins (Read article)

44 Nutshell: MTL (Read article)

45 Telling tales: developing students’ own thematic and synoptic understandings at Key Stage 3 – Ed Brooker (Read article)

53 Teaching history’s big pictures: including continuity as well as change – Penelope J. Corfield (Read article)

60 Move Me On: Trainee struggling to teach elite politics / international relations (Read article)

64 Mummy, mummy...

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