Primary History 53: Living history

The primary education journal of the Historical Association

By HA, published 26th March 2010

The Rose Review and Living History

Living history - a primary history curriculum for the 21st century: Historical, Geographical and Social Understanding

03 Editorial

04 The Historical Association’s response to the Rose Review

05 In my view: Towards a new primary curriculum: Cambridge Primary Review Part 1, Past and Present, Part 2, The Future — An editorial response (Read article)

07 In my view: Planning For Historical, Geographical And Social Understanding – A Conceptual Framework: Responding To The Rose Report Through The Lens Of The Cambridge Review — Hilary Cooper 

10 In my view: Planning For Historical, Geographical And Social Understanding: Place, Time And Society — Alan Blyth, Ray Derricott, Gordon Elliott, Hazel Sumner, Allen Waplington (Read article)

12 Think Bubble: Tools For Learning — Peter Vass

13 Choosing A Topic, Creating Teaching Approaches And Choosing Resources For Historical Understanding — Jane Shuter and Anita Loughrey (Read article)

15 Developing thinking in history: concepts, skills, processes and protocols — Pat Hoodless

17 Planning For Chronological Understanding: Areas Of Learning And The Development Of Effective Practice — Alan Hodkinson

19 How do you enable creativity and empathy without loosing ‘rigor’? the integrated planning process — Nicholas Garrick (Read article)

21 Music and history combine at Key Stage 2 — Alison Webb (Read article)

22 Drama And Story Telling: Creative Approaches For Teaching Historical, Geographical And Social Understanding — Cherry Dodwell (Read article)

23 Making Links: Myths, Legends And Problem-Solving With The Greeks — Peter Vass (Read article)

25 What Citizenship Education Wants Pupils To Gain From Primary School Years — Chris Waller

26 Education For Geographical Understanding — David Lambert (Read article)

27 A view from the KS1 classroom — Cathie McIlroy

28 Case study 1: using history to launch the creative curriculum — Barbara Sands (Read article)

33 Case study 2: cross curricular project on a famous (or not so famous!) person — Lisa MacGregor and Sue Temple (Read article)

35 Case study 3: homes in the past: castles — Liz Jones 

37 Case studies 4-6: pride in place: an answer to the question “what does ‘historical, geographical and social understanding’ look like?” — Denise Howe and Hilary Pegum (Read article)

40 Resources and web links for the curriculum and curriculum planning — Jacqui Dean

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