Teaching History 139: Analysing History


By HA, published 9th August 2010

Analysing History

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04 Tim Jenner

From human-scale to abstract analysis: Year 7 analyse the changing relationship of Henry II and Becket

11 Jonathan White

Encountering diversity in the history of ideas: engaging Year 9 with Victorian debates about ‘progress'

Cunning Plan 14

Polychr onicon 21

Catriona Kelly

Civic denouncer: The lives of Pavlik Morozov

24 Steve Rollett

‘Hi George. Let me ask my leading historians ...': deconstructing lazy analogies in Year 9

Triumphs show 30

Matthew Greenhalgh

32 Ulrich Schnakenberg

Developing multiperspectivity through cartoon analysis: strategies for analysing different views of three watersheds in modern German history

41 Elisabeth Pickles

How can students' use of historical evidence be enhanced? A research study of the role of knowledge in Year 8 to Year 13 students' interpretations of historical sources

52 Harry Havekes, Arnoud Aardema and Jan de Vries

Active Historical Thinking: designing learning activities to stimulate domain-specific thinking

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