Teaching History 140: Creative History


By HA, published 23rd November 2010

Creative History

Editorial 02

HA Secondary News 03

04 Ellen Buxton Fog over channel; continent accessible? Year 8 use counterfactual reasoning to explore place and social upheaval in eighteenth-century France and Britain

16 Gary Hillyard Dickens...Hardy...Jarvis?! A novel take on the Industrial Revolution

Triumphs show 25 Matthew Greenhalgh

Cunning Plan 28

30 Peter Clements ‘Picture This' A simple technique through which to teach relatively complex historical concepts

38 Jannet van Dr ie and Carla van Boxtel Chatting about the sixties: using on-line chat discussion to improve historical reasoning in essay-writing

47 Andy Lawrence Being historically rigorous with creativity: how can creative approaches help solve the problems inherent in teaching about genocide?

Polychronicon 54 Tony McConnell Personalities, Poland and Pershing II: why did the Cold War end?

56 Christopher Edwards Down the foggy ruins of time: Bob Dylan and the concept of evidence

Move Me On 60

Mummy, mummy... 64

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