Teaching History 141: The Holocaust edition


Historical Association, last updated: 12th January 2011

The Holocaust edition

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05 David Waters - Berlin and the Holocaust: a sense of place?

11 Ian Phillips - A question of attribution: working with ghetto photographs, images and imagery

Triumphs show 18

Morgan Baynham - 20 Christopher Edwards and Siobhan O'Dowd The edge of knowing: investigating students' prior understandings of the Holocaust

27 Peter Morgan - How can we deepen and broaden post-16 students' historical engagement with the Holocaust? Developing a rationale and methods for using film

34 Wolf Kaiser - Nazi perpetrators in Holocaust education

Polychronicon 40 David Cesarani 

42 Kay Andrews - Finding a place for the victim: building a rationale for educational visits to Holocaust-related sites

50 Alice Pettigrew - Limited lessons from the Holocaust? Critically considering the ‘anti-racist' and citizenship potential


57 Paul Salmons - Universal meaning or historical understanding? The Holocaust in history and history in the curriculum

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