Move Me On 142: Makes assumptions about students' thinking

The problem page for history mentors

Published: 19th June 2011

This issue's problem: Rob Collingwood keeps just making assumptions about his students' thinking.

Rob Collingwood seemed to make a very promising start to his first school placement, but as time goes on his mentor is becoming concerned about the lack of connection between Rob's thinking and that of his students. Rob is a relatively young history graduate who has come into teaching after a gap year mainly spent travelling. There is a strong match between the content of his degree and the subjects that he has been teaching so far which has given him quite a lot of confidence. His strong physical presence and commanding voice also helped in the first few weeks, enabling him to capture and maintain students' attention. His familiarity with popular culture and his assured use of technology have also given him important advantages, which he has worked to exploit, with some excellent ideas for high impact starters...

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