Teaching History 143: Constructing Claims


By HA, published 21st June 2011

Constructing Claims

02 Editorial

03 HA Secondary News

04 Gary Howells - Why was Pitt not a mince pie? Enjoying argument without end: creating confident historical readers at A Level

15 Jane Card - Seeing the point: using visual sources to understand the arguments for women's suffrage

20 Cunning Plan - Laura Fyson -

22 Mary Partridge - A ‘surprising shock' in the cathedral: getting Year 7 to vocalise responses to the murder of Thomas Becket

32 Arthur Chapman - Time's arrows? Using a dartboard scaffold to understand historical action

39 Peter Lee and Denis Shemilt - The concept that dares not speak its name: Should empathy come out of the closet?

50 Polychronicon - James Renton

52 Elisabeth Pickles - Assessment of students' uses of evidence: shifting the focus from processes to historical reasoning

60 MOve Me On

64 Mummy, mummy...

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