Teaching History 146: Teacher Knowledge

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By HA, published 24th April 2012

Teacher Knowledge

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09 Elizabeth Carr: How Victorian were the Victorians? Developing Year 8 students' conceptual thinking about diversity in Victorian society (Read article)

18 Robin Whitburn, Michelle Hussain and Abdullahi Mohamud ‘Doing justice to history': the learning of African history in a North London secondary school and teacher development in the spirit of Ubuntu (Read article)

28 Triumphs Show: putting an enquiry together - Geraint Brown, Michael Fordham and Matthew Stanford (Read article)

30 Sarah Black: Wrestling with diversity - exploring pupils' difficulties when arguing about a diverse past (Read article)

40 Katharine Burn: ‘If I wasn't learning anything new about teaching I would have left it by now!' How history teachers can support their own and others' continued professional learning (Read article)

50 Polychronicon: The history of 'big history' - Fred Spier (Read article)

52 Flora Wilson: Warrior queens, regal trade unionists and warring nurses: how my interest in what I don't teach has informed my teaching and enriched my students' learning (Read article)

60 Move Me On: knowing enough to be able to start planning (Read article)

64 Mummy, mummy...

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