Teaching History 155: Teaching About WW1

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By HA, published 27th June 2014

Teaching About the First World War

02 Editorial

03 HA Secondary News

04 HA Update

08 Rachel Foster - A world turned molten: helping Year 9 to explore the cultural legacies of the First World War (Read article)

20 Mary Brown and Carolyn Massey - Teaching ‘the lesson of satire': using The Wipers Times to build an enquiry on the First World War (Read article)

29 New, Novice or Nervous? Similarity and difference (Read article)

32 Polychronicon: Origins of the First World War - Peter Donaldson (Read article)

34 Catriona Pennell - On the frontlines of teaching the history of the First World War (Read article)

42 Cunning Plan: Interpreting WWI events - Paula Worth (Read article)

45 Jerome Freeman - Remembering the First World War: Using a battlefield tour of the Western Front to help pupils take a more critical approach to what they encounter (Read article)

54 Triumphs Show: Beyond trivial judgements of 'bias' - Thomas Hinks (Read article)

56 Jon Grant and Dan Townsend - Writing Letchworth's war: developing a sense of the local within historical fiction through primary sources (Read article)

64 Move Me On: treats differences between historical interpretations as matters of opinion (Read article)

68 Mummy, mummy...

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