The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain

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By Sue Temple, published 26th May 2015

The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain

Before the Romans arrived the islands which now make up Britain were populated with a variety of relatively large and small fortified or defended settlements. The people living here were usually part of tribes or clans and they probably raided each other's territory for cattle and other animals. The majority of people farmed in some way, though some clan members would be involved in making weapons and other craftwork. The tribes were not always friendly - hence the fortification of the settlements.

A topic on the Romans is an ideal way to ensure your children understand our use of AD/BC - Anno Domini and/or the non-Christian version CE/BCE - Common Era/Before Common Era. The way ‘negative' numbers are used for BC/BCE dates can confuse children - and many adults too. It is useful to do some activities based around this idea as a class, perhaps out in the...

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