Teaching History 129: Disciplined Minds

The HA's journal for secondary history teachers

By HA, published 1st December 2007

Disciplined Minds

02 Editorial

04 HA Secondary News

06 Unnatural and essential: the nature of historical thinking – Sam Wineburg (Read article)

13 Nutshell

14 New alchemy or fatal attraction? History and citizenship – Peter Lee and Denis Shemilt (Read article)

20 Polychronicon: Peterloo Robert Poole (Read article)

22 Interdisciplinary forays within the history classroom: how the visual arts can enhance (or hinder) historical understanding – Liz Dawes Duraisingh and Veronica Boix Mansilla (Read article)

31 Slaying dragons and sorcerers in Year 12: in search of historical argument – Michael Fordham (Read article)

39 Seeing a different picture: exploring migration through the lens of history – Rosie Sheldrake and Dale Banham (Read article)

48 Cunning Plan: Mary I  Alison Stephen (Read article)

50 Triumphs Show: Holding a live debate around an historical theme – James Watson, Dave Smalley (Read article)

52 Move Me On: Trainee feels out of his depth teaching controversial issues (Read article)

56 Mummy, mummy…

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