Triumphs Show 160: Prezi and propaganda

Teaching History feature: celebrating and sharing success

By Laura Tilley, published 15th September 2015

Using Prezi to understand propaganda

Laura Tilley recognised that her Year 9 students were finding it difficult to work out the intended message of visual propaganda. To help her students make better use of the substantive knowledge they already had, she devised an interactive activity using a presentation software, Prezi. This approach provided students with a methodical way of approaching visual sources in a critical way, building their confidence.

How do you explain to a 14-year-old the concept of propaganda? How do you teach them, in a way that they can really understand, how and why propaganda can have such a significant effect on people's views? These questions were at the forefront of my mind when I taught a lesson exploring Nazi propaganda to a bottom-set Year 9 class in my PGCE year...

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