Primary History 71

The primary education journal of the Historical Association

By HA, published 17th November 2015

Planning for 'Changes within Living Memory'

04 Editorial

05 HA Primary News

06 Using role-play to develop young children's understanding of the past - Helen Crawford (Read article)

08 Whole-school planning for progression: How do we do the best for our children and for history? - Hilary Pegum and Nicola Davies (Read article)

14 Planning for ‘Changes within Living Memory' - Karin Doull (Read article)

19 What makes good local history? - Lynne Dixon and Alison Hales (Read article)

26 Teaching the Ancient Greeks - Jerome Freeman and Jon Nichol (Read article)

34 Working towards quality... An exciting opportunity for you and your school - Bev Forrest (Download free PDF)

38 Ideas for Assemblies: Anniversaries - Alf Wilkinson (Read article)

40 Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Bronze Age? The first cross-channel ferry - Graham Birrell and Marion Green (Read article)

47 The back cover image: Oxford Street in the 1960s - Helen Maddison (Read article)

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