Teaching the Ancient Greeks

Primary History article

By Jerome Freeman and Jon Nichol, published 17th November 2015

Teaching the Ancient Greeks

Ancient Greece has been part of the primary national curriculum since its inception in 1991 so you may already have a viable scheme of work and classroom resources in place. However, this is not a reason for eschewing the opportunity to review what you are doing, especially to explore how the topic now fits in with the rest of the new programme of study for history at Key Stage 2.

This new programme of study does not set out a great deal of statutory content in relation to Ancient Greece. It states merely that children should be taught about ‘Ancient Greece – a study of Greek life and achievements and their influence on the western world'. To help you review your teaching of this topic and provide a fresh approach, the Historical Association has published a scheme of work on Ancient Greece on its website which is free to HA members. It is constructed around two enquiry questions which are designed to give a clear learning focus to some of the key content from this vast historical period...

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