Primary History 79

The primary education journal of the Historical Association

Published: 16th July 2018

In this edition of Primary History

04 Editorial (Read article)

05 HA Primary News

08 Using role-play to develop young children’s understanding of the past – Lisa MacGregor (Read article)

11 Writing books for young children about the First World War – Hilary Robinson (Read article)

12 What confuses primary pupils in history? Part 2  – Tim Lomas (Read article)

18 Using museum and heritage sites to promote higher-level learning at Key Stage 2 – Mary Kinoulty and Clare Barnes (Read article)

22 It worked for me: Knights and castles – Sarah Woods (Read article)

26 ‘So why did they go into hiding?’ Anne Frank in her historical and social context – Darius Jackson (Read article)

32 Why stop at the Tudors? Enhancing an understanding of the 16th century through a comparative study of Benin – Polly Tucknott (Read article)

38 Dora Thewlis: mill girl activist – Karin Doull (Read article)

40 Help! I am a new co-ordinator: when should I do what? – Tim Lomas (Read article)

42 For whose God, King and country? Seeing the First World War through South Asian eyes – Andrew Wrenn (Read article)

49 World War I: widening relevance in the modern world – Hayyan Bhabha (Read article)

51 How significant is the tragic story of the SS Mendi? – Kerry Somers (Read article)

56 One of my favourite history places: Bournville – Paul Bracey (Read article)

58 History in the news 

59 The back cover image: Moustache cup – Matthew Sossick (Read article)

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