Raising the profile of history in your school

Primary History article

By Kerry Somers and Sarah Bartlett, published 10th July 2019

All too often, with increasing pressure to obtain the ‘best’ results, primary schools allow English and mathematics to steal the limelight, unwittingly pushing other subjects to one side. As a consequence, these ‘other’ subjects are squeezed into vehicles to teach English or maths – barely recognisable under the guise of their name.

Now is the time to steal some of the limelight back. Whether you are a new subject leader or you have been leading the subject for years, you have a responsibility to promote history within your school. We must champion history – make it our aim to develop a love for a subject where, we believe, all children can be successful, all children can make progress and all children can develop a love of learning. History is the best subject to lead… and to teach!

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