Move Me On 176: worried about how to deal with his own dyslexia in the classroom

The problem page for history mentors

Published: 1st October 2019

Move Me On is designed to build critical, informed debate about the character of teacher training, teacher education and professional development. It is also designed to offer practical help to all involved in training new history teachers. Each issue presents a situation in initial teacher education/training with an emphasis upon a particular history-specific issue. 
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This issue’s problem: Jon Donovan is worried about how to deal with his own dyslexia in the classroom as it affects other aspects of his teaching.

Jon Donovan was inspired to apply for teaching because of the example set by his own history teacher who had encouraged and nurtured his interest, despite the significant challenges he faced in the subject as a result of his dyslexia. When Jon was interviewed for the course he talked through the nature of his difficulties, and felt very positive about the kind of role model that he could present, as someone who had had to work very hard to overcome a serious difficulty and yet had proved that it was possible. Now that he has been observing in classrooms and has actually done some teaching (mostly short lesson segments), he is much more nervous and uncertain about what approach to take...

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