History Abridged: the Acropolis

Historian feature

Published: 19th August 2020

The Acropolis of Athens

History Abridged: This feature seeks to take a person, event or period and abridge, or focus on, an important event or detail that can get lost in the big picture. Think Horrible Histories for grownups (without the songs and music). See all History Abridged articles

The Acropolis of Athens is one of the landmarks of the modern and ancient world looking out across the city below and to the sea into the distance. While the term acropolis simply means highest point, and there are many acropolises across Greece, it is the one in Athens that most people would think of when they hear or read that word. In ancient times the site was more commonly known as Cecropia after the first Athenian king Cecrops, who was a mythical king and believed to be, or at least depicted to be, part serpent. He is said to have brought many aspects of civilization to the Greeks and it was, therefore, in his honour that the acropolis was known as Cecropia...

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