Lessons with strong literacy links


Published: 24th January 2011

Please note: these resources pre-date the 2014 National Curriculum.

All history lessons have literacy links. The following lessons on this website have particularly strong links with literacy and the Literacy Hour.

Urban spaces near you - cross-curricular work history, literacy, art & design, and science

The Aztec experience persuasion genre: producing a holiday brochure

Greek myths reference and presentation skills

Ancient Greece - The Iliad reading and writing poetry

Archimedes and the Syracusan War helps to develop an understanding of the comic genre

Celtic Britain the land the Romans conquered Year 3 text level work, and the travel brochure genre

Caesar lands reading a difficult and challenging text

Boudicca building up vocabulary, reading and writing poems

The end of Roman Britain building up vocabulary, reading and writing poems

Vikings: Egils Saga Year 5: 'novels, stories and poems from a variety of cultures and traditions'. Year 6: 'a range of poetic forms including kennings'

Saxon settlers reading/writing genres: instructions and chronicle writing

Sutton Hoo writing reports on artefacts

Viking travel How did the Vikings travel so far from their homeland? - reading information texts; adjectives; sentence structure

How the Tudors came to power pictorial note-taking, account-writing

Queen Elizabeth I reading texts, adjectives

Tudor Tempest understanding a difficult text (Shakespeare) through story/drama

Dissolution of the monasteries - Haughmond Abbey using text-breaker to read 16th-century texts; poetry as Egil's Saga above

Tudor portraits - who am I? using a glossary

Samuel Pepys and the Great Fire of London reading Pepys' diary and diary-writing

The Great Plague of London reading challenging texts (Year 2)

Brunel and Clifton Suspension Bridge using a picture as text

Houses - Artefacts from the past writing about artefacts (Year 1)

Victorian Britain - Henry at boarding school reading difficult and challenging texts

Slate mining in Victorian times two genres: autobiography and report-writing

Victorian Britain: investigating two mining disasters reading difficult and challenging texts