Investigating Aspects of the History of Kent at Key Stage 3

New resource from the Ian Coulson Bursary for Local History / Archaeology in Kent Schools

Published: 19th November 2019

New teaching resources funded by the Ian Coulson Bursary

These new resources were developed by Archbishop’s School, Canterbury as a synoptic unit for pupils at the end of Key Stage 3 but they can easily be adapted for younger or older pupils. They consist of 9 ‘snapshots’ of important episodes from the History of Kent, ranging from the arrival of the Romans at Richborough in AD 43 to Operation Fortitude during the Second World War. Each one is designed for a single lesson and contains a wide range of resources and activities. The approach is flexible so that you can decide how many of the ‘snapshots’ to study, you could add some of your own or use any of them to provide a local perspective in national history studies. The sequence of work culminates in pupils producing a piece of extended writing in which they argue which event had the greatest impact on the people of Kent.

These free materials, which consist of a fully explained scheme of work, PowerPoint presentations and student resources, can be downloaded via the link below.

Ian Coulson Annual Bursary for Local History / Archaeology in Kent Schools

The Ian Coulson Annual Bursary was established in 2017 to encourage the teaching of local history and archaeology in Kent Schools. Further information about the bursary, including how to apply for it and other teaching resources funded by it, can be found here.